Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Aftermath of the Storm

The much anticipated and forecast storm was late arriving. Instead of Sunday night, it came howling in around 6 a.m. and continued throughout the day and rest of the night. We plowed and shoveled twice during the day and awoke to another 8 inches on Tuesday morning.

The bird feeders and trees were decorated with lots of white, fluffy snow

H and his trusty plow were immediately on top of things by 6 a,m.

And me, looking for all the world like one of my garden gnomes, did shoveling duty on the deck and front porch. Gratefully, the snow was light and fluffy so it was not much of a chore.

Some members of the family were of no help whatsoever. Sluggo spent his time on the recliner grooming himself. I guess being cute counts though.

The garden is now under a deep, white, blanket of snow and can sleep peacefully till April, because I don't think we're going to see bare ground before then!

Wednesday morning dawned pink and cold with a wee bit of sea smoke in the bay. It's way too early for sea smoke, but then, the temperature was down in the single digits!

And so begins another winter season. This one just started a tad early as we normally don't get this much snow until January or February. The storm total was about 17+ inches and then last night we got another 2 inches on top of that. 19 inches and counting!


Kerri said...

You know I dislike the cold, but love the least the beauty of it. You sure got socked! We only got about 7", although it was not nice weather to be out in. We awoke today though to one of those beautiful, sparkly mornings. I'd so love to capture those sparkles with my camera..but so far I'm not clever enough. Maybe one day..
That Sluggo sure knows how to relax :)
Your photos are just gorgeous Giddy. You're doing a wonderful job with that new camera. Love that early morning shot. Oh my, how I'd love to see that in person!

Anonymous said...

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kris said...

Hi Giddy - I just caught up on all of your posts since I was last here. It's such a treat to see your lovely photos.

We've been getting snow every other day all week - but it's light and fluffy and not hard to move. Your gardens are beautiful with all of that snow over them.

The holiday decorations you posted are so pretty - that basket of lights and pinecones is very welcoming.

All of the photos looking over the water just take my breath away. You live in a beautiful place!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hi Giddy, I came upon your blog through Mary's View. I just love seeing all your snow and hearing about where you live.

Mt Desert Island was one of my favorite vacations. I even bought a book _Nature Diary of Mt. Desert Island_ written by Ruth Gortner Grierson. It was a great read.

It seems like we were also in Acadia National Park. I will have to get my travel journal out and see what I wrote about our trip to Maine. Certainly one of my favorite trips.

I will be looking forward to seeing what you write about your garden. I will also like to read about Sluggo's antics.

I hope you are warm and happy.

Gina said...

WOW, wonderful photos of all that snow! ~ hard to imagine here in Tasmania where it's summer and everything is dying off! Looks wonderful to me as I hate the heat! All your Christmas displays look beautiful! Best Wishes Gx

Sandy said...

Wow! You guys got buried. We didn't get half that much, not even as much as Portland. Our snow was not light and fluffy, though. More like the kind that would be perfect to make a snowman, or woman.

As hard as it is to clean up, it sure is beautiful, isn't it?

Giddy said...

Kerri, the welcome mat is always out around here, although I would suggest that December is probably not the best month to visit. As far as I'm concerned, September and October are the best months around here.

Wuttisak, thanks for dropping by. I don't have any orchids, but will check in on your blog.

Kris, since you're also in Zone 5, you and I will most likely be sharing snow stories all winter long.

Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by. I'll be hopping over to visit with you, as well.

Gina - WOW! Tasmania! This blogging stuff is great. How neat to correspond with folks all over the world. I've bookmarked your blog and will be visiting soon.

Sandy, it's amazing how different our micro climates are even though we are so close to one another. Like my husband, the meteorologist always says about weather forecasts - "You get what you get when you get it"!