Wednesday, October 31, 2007

5th Annual Trek Up Champlain Mountain

OK, can we say "sore"? Yesterday, we took our 5th annual trek up the mountain. Needless to say, we took a wee bit longer to get to the summit this year.

The skies were a beautiful blue and there was still lots of color on the trees, however, when we got out of the car at the base of the mountain, the wind was whipping about quite a bit. Nonetheless, we put on our windbreakers and with hoods up and a determined attitude, we headed up onto the trail.

The reds of the maples were all but gone, but many shrubs still held their color and lots of rock cairns marked the trail

We stopped frequently on the way up, not only to catch our breath, but to turn around and take in the beautiful vistas

No, Dear. It's still quite way up to the summit. H here, checking his GPS and realizing we still have about 500 feet to climb. Oh my.
Some of the rock formations were gorgeous

Yes, Dear, we have to climb that rock ledge and no, that's not the summit!

Yay!!!! We made it! 1058 feet elevation and the view is nothing short of spectacular!

Our house is way over there across the bay
And so another annual goal has been reached!

Life is good (and windy) up on Champlain Mountain


Kerri said...

Good for you! The trek looks well worth it.
What wonderful photos of the fabulous views!
Where is Cadillac Mt. in relation to Champlain?
Most of our color is gone now, with just a few spots left here and there, but was beautiful while it lasted.
Our weather turned cold today. Brrr!

Sandy said...

Hey Giddy, I hope the storm zips right past you.

You looked kind of cold on that mountain. Do you usually wait to climb until the tourist leave?

kris said...

Wow - what a fun - and picturesque - trek to make. The views look well worth the climb!!

I loved all of your autumn photos from the last couple posts - thanks for sharing them.