Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Stuff

As promised yesterday, here are a few more photos from this past week.

Why bother with cute little kitty toys when Spike is so enthralled with a plain old paper bag?

A nice rain brings out the mushrooms for one last hurrah before frost and cold set in.

My Christmas Cactus has difficulty telling which month it is. I guess I should be calling it the Halloween Cactus as it is in full bloom right now.

Early morning light behind the maple tree just glows

One of our favorite photo spots in Sorrento. I think we could just sit there all day long if we weren't so intent on getting our 3.2 mile walk in.


Sandy said...

Glad to hear the cats are buddies now. I can see why you like that view from the bench. It is just beautiful.

What kind of mushroom is that? A satellite dish one? I was down in the woods yesterday and saw some weird ones, too. Maybe I will post them tomorrow.

LauraO said...

Great photo of the cat in the bag. My ex has 3 cats in KY, one of them black like yours. They love bags too.

Love the lakeside bench. I'd be spending a lot of time there too.