Friday, June 01, 2007

Giddy's Back!

Giddy has been on hiatus for a couple of weeks due to gardening priorities and getting ready for a house full of company over the Memorial Day weekend so there is much to catch up on in this post. Please excuse the potential length and verbosity of today's missive.

First of all, Ms. Giddy has a partner! Gunter Gnome arrived as a surprise package in the mail one day from my German cousin. He and Giddy have become fast friends while sitting near the front gate, and invite everyone to visit in their garden. When asked why he was named "Gunter", it was because our eldest son, Jason, for some strange reason, always called his Dad, Gunter.

H's sister, brother in law, nephew and wife visited with us over the Memorial Day weekend. We did warn them that May was not a good month to visit Maine due to the hordes of black flies which descend upon us during that time, but since they were visiting their kids in New Hampshire, it was the only time they would be able to visit.

Giddy, in her infinite wisdom DEETed herself liberally and often and managed to avoid any hits from the nasty little insects, however, our poor company did not fare so well and took many a lovely souvenir back home with them.

We had a whirlwind tour of the Downeast coastline on one day with a great lunch in Eastport overlooking the Passamaquoddy Bay. The crabrolls were great, piled high with lots of yummy crab.

The next day, we headed out once again, this time over to Acadia National Park for another whirlwind tour. After a stop in Sorrento, we stopped by Jordan Pond to stroll along Jordan Stream and ended up taking some great photos of the Cobblestone Bridge.

Chad and Lora brought along their Greyhound, Keeper. What a beautiful animal he is and quite the good house guest.

Keeper did make himself right at home, including digging a new flower bed for Ms. Giddy. We had been planning on putting some really good compost into that bed and he save me a lot of back breaking shoveling!

Well, dear Readers, I must away. There remains much to do in the garden and I have 100 pine seedlings to plant quickly before the rain sets in. Oh my achin' back!


Sandy said...

Welcome back! I figured you either had company or were busy in the garden. Sounds like you had a great time.
We are just getting blackflies down here, and mostly they are not a bother except for when it is wet.

LostRoses said...

Nice to see you again, it sounds like you had a lovely time with your company, aside from the blackflies. And how nice that Ms. Giddy now has a friend. Hope you get caught up on the gardening, 100 pine seedling, yikes!

Zoey said...

Ohhh, Hate those bugs!

Ms. Giddy and her new friend make quite a cute couple.

It looks like you had a nice family visit.

Now it's time to get back to work! :)

In case you don't go back and read your comment, I thought I'd post my answer here, too.

I bought those cannas already potted and ready to bloom. I do that at work because I think a commercial building needs the bloom early and it's not my money. LOL. But at $18 a plant, they can get pretty expensive quickly.

Most of the ones I have at home I potted up three weeks ago and most have not even broke through the soil yet. They probably won't bloom until August.