Thursday, June 21, 2007

Of Birds and Bats

(My apologies to John Steinbeck for the Title of this post!)

We had company over the Memorial Day weekend. They were delightful and we so enjoyed showing off our little corner of Heaven. They, in turn, gifted us with an oh so appropriate hostess gift from their corner of the world. This week, UPS delivered the most unique bird house we have ever seen! It's made of California wine country grape vines/roots and lots of ingenuity.

For the past couple of years, we have had a little brown bat roosting in our deck umbrella every day. He doesn't seem to mind when we open the umbrella and returns every dawn to sleep. I've been doing a bit of research on the internet and have discovered that bats are our friends, each one eating between 500 and 1000 mosquitoes every evening! My kind of friend, so, we ordered a bat house that will eventually, hopefully, encourage a 100 bat colony to roost in our neighborhood. We shall keep you informed as to our success in attracting these voracious insect vacuums.On another note, the blooms are beginning to burst in the garden. This morning, the first of the brilliant Oriental Poppies bloomed! They are absolutely spectacular, however, alas, only grace us with their beauty for such a short time.

The New Dawn Rose blushed forth with her first bud, and beside the dusky purple of the May Night Salvia, they are positively stunning!


LauraO said...

That birdhouse is too pretty to actually use! I like bats too. We have several around here, with plenty of natural roosting areas. They also like to squeeze behind the transformer box on the telephone pole, and under the house shingles, of course. Why haven't I thought of putting up a bat box?? Thanks for the reminder.

Sandy said...

We have seen only a few bats, and I do think they live under the eaves of the house. Scarborough used to release dragonfly larve to control mosquitos, but haven't heard if that is still going on. We seem to have lots of them around here.

Zoey said...

I know bats are a good thing, but, really, I don't think I want one sleeping in my deck umbrella. It would scare the bejeebees out of me!
Hopefully he finds the nice accommodations you are providing and moves over there.
Cute birdhouse!