Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Planters

H finished both of the planters he was working on a few weeks ago. They turned out great and I can't wait to plant some colorful flowers in them!

Of course, that will have to wait for a few more days. Local lore has it that one should not plant tender annuals until after the last full moon in May and I'm not one to buck the odds.


Zoey said...

H is pretty handy to have around, isn't he? Those planters are perfect for that beautiful garage!

Will be watching to see what you plant.

Sandy said...

They sure did come out good! What are you going to put in them?

43 degrees here, with rain. Did you get any of that snow day before yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Oh the planters are great looking!

LostRoses said...

Nice looking planters, Giddy, glad H got them done before he had to stack all that firewood!

Kerri said...

Those are gorgeous planters. Your hubby is very handy!
My, what a lot of wood to stack. I can see he's getting plenty of exercise. And you are too!
Glad to see Mabel showed up on time. Isn't it great to have the hummers back?
We've had some lovely warm weather and things are growing like crazy. We need rain and had a couple of cloud bursts this evening. More would be good though.
Your hike sounded wonderful! I'm envious :)