Thursday, June 07, 2007

Unproductive Week

Between trying to get over a nasty cold and worrying about not being able to get out to plant the pine seedlings which came in the mail a while back, I've not been able to get much else done in the garden.

The perennial garden needs weeding, the veggie garden needs tending and planting, the pots on the deck need attention, etc, etc, etc. It's enough to make a good garden gnome frantic. So, what does a good garden gnome do instead? Since being house bound is not my idea of fun, H and I decided that despite the foggy weather outside, we were both desperately in need of food for the soul, so off we went for a foggy walk along the shore in Sorrento.

The stroll through the enveloping fog was just what the doctor might have ordered. The eerie stillness in the white mist heightens the senses. The tide was out and the aromas of ocean and seaweed filled the air. The gulls were quiet for a change and our ears strained to hear even a peep out of the normally raucous crows or the joyful, lilting songs of the warblers and sparrows.

I love the fog.


LauraO said...

Oh, I love the fog too. Looks like a beautiful place. Hope you're feeling better now too.

Sandy said...

I love fog, too!

I planted okra today, does that make you homesick?