Monday, May 14, 2007

Time Out

H and I have been working like a couple of oxen, trying to get things around the house and garden prepared before the sea warms up and we get our kayak back into the water. Our first paddle usually happens around the first week in June and we take every opportunity after that to get out on the water. He has about 2 of the 5 cords of wood stacked, so far.

However, we took a nice little break from the chores yesterday to get out and have a Mother's Day hike in Acadia.

The sky was the most incredible color of blue and though a bit chilly starting off, we warmed up nicely by the time we had gone about 3 miles.

Jordan Pond is lovely this time of year - no black flies, mosquitoes or tourists. We felt as though we had the whole place to ourselves.

I took a few great pics of rocks - I know, how interesting can rocks be, but I found the colors of the granite fascinating and took quite a few photos, much to H's chagrin as he wanted to keep moving so he'd warm up.

Once out in the sun, it felt really great, reminded me of the song "walkin' in the sunshine, sing a little sunshine song". Gratefully, I didn't have to sing as the birds trilled beautiful melodies from the treetops. It's amazing how loud a tiny warbler can sing.

Jordan stream was rippling right along. We could tell it hadn't rained in a few days as the stream was not nearly as swollen as the last time we hiked here, shortly after the last snowstorm.

Ok, fun's over - time to get cracking again at the woodpile and garden. Hope everyone has a beautiful day!


Sandy said...

You deserved a nice day out walking, didn't you? I agree with you about the rocks, the granite colors are so pretty.

Zoey said...

You two were working way to hard--you deserved that break!

I am a rock lover myself, so I appreciated your pictures!