Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Winter Has Finally Arrived In Maine!

Last weekend, I was still hanging out my laundry to dry in the fresh ocean breeze. I'll bet I didn't use the dryer more than three times since April! It's not that I need to save electricity, but I like the fact that I'm using sunshine and fresh air to dry the laundry; that and I just love the way the clothes smell, especially the sheets. There's something very special about getting into a freshly made bed with sheets that have hung out in the air all day long. Makes for a really good night's sleep and reminds me of my youth.However, yesterday brought our first snowfall and what a beautiful one it was. I was at work, and unable to get any good photos of the event. We had about 2 inches of a freezing snow; the tree limbs all looked as though they were hung with crystal ornaments. My office looks out over a small lake (or "pond" as they call them up here), and yesterday I had to gather all my coworkers together to look outside at the setting sun shining over the pond. It was truly a picture perfect sight to behold with the golden sun shining on the snow crystals. I only wish I had my camera with me at work. I think I'll do that from now on! I did get a quick picture of the yard decked out in it's first snowcoat.

I also put up a few Christmas decorations this weekend. We don't do much decorating, but we like to have lights. Here's my front porch decorations with the snowman greeting everyone!


Zoey said...

Very cute porch decoration. What is the snowman man out of? And why does he have that hole in the middle? I can't for the life of me figure out what might go in the middle.....

Lee-ann said...

Hello Giddy, what a lovely blog you have I have looked back and found your posts so interesting. I have been to maine three times in my life and that is fairly good going seeing as I am from Australia.

Kennebunkport is a lovely spot to stay as I am sure you know but I do love all the coast. We have friends who have just moved from Bow new hampshire to their dream home in maine.

I will if it is ok! enjoy coming back to read more of your blog page. thanks so much have ahappy day.

Mary said...

The snowman decoration is very pretty! I love it. You really need to carry your camera with you. I've been forgetting to drop my camera into my handbag lately and a few times I really regretted that. There were about a dozen blue birds in a field next to the parking lot where I work and I was close enough...no camera!

Giddy said...

Hi Zoey, the snowman is made of poly resin and is actually a bird feeder/house. The basket on his head is for bird seed and the hole in the middle of his belly is for a bird "sanctuary". We don't get many birds on the porch, so he's just a bit of Christmas whimsy!

LeeAnn, thank you for visiting my blog and welcome! I look forward to hearing from you often. What a long trip from down under!

Mary, my camera is now always at my side. I carry it everywhere. I'm also saving up for a new one as this one is three years old and things have progressed with technology wayyyyyy beyond what I'm using now. Don'tcha just love digital cameras???

Sandy said...

Your laundry is pretty, blowing in the wind like that! What a great place for it.
I like that little snowman, too.