Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More Christmas Decorating

Being minimalist by nature, I don't do a lot of decorating for the holidays, however, I do have my favorite things that I bring out for the occasion; the big green ceramic Christmas tree my mother made in her ceramic crafting days, the small white, glittery one she made, the pair of angels, and lots of white lights on the deck and on the ficus tree (we leave the tree ones up all year and call them our "happy lights")!


Zoey said...

I've always liked those big ceramic trees, too. I've never had a big one, but I do have a tiny little one my girlfriend made back in the early 80's.

Mary said...

I have a ceramic tree, too, and looks similar to the one your mother made. My friend's mother made it in the early eighties, I think. I still bring it out every Christmas. I like the idea of "Happy Lights", year round!

LauraO said...

You touched on some memories here. My brother's mother-in-law made one of those trees a very long time ago, and it's still always part of their Christmas.