Sunday, December 31, 2006

Office Hours

I spend a lot of time in my office. Mostly because the @$(**% dial up internet service is so slow that it takes me a long time to get anything accomplished. I dream of DSL and Broad Band, but alas, until our illustrious legislature recognizes the fact that they need to be thrown kicking and screaming into the 21st century in order to keep up with the rest of the nation, we will be destined to keep falling behind and I will keep getting irritated every time I log on.

However, rant over, while I wait for the maddeningly slow dialup to update my various websites and blog, I look dreamily out my office window, enjoying the ever changing view of the seasons. Today dawned beautiful with a rosy hue in the blue sky and the crystalline white twinkling of new fallen snow. What a sight to behold first thing in the morning! As I sit here, updating my blog with the radio behind me quietly playing soothing classical music, it's difficult to be too irritated about anything. I think I'll spend much of today sitting in my office enjoying the mood du jour.

We stopped by Home Depot yesterday for some light clips and ended up purchasing some things for next year's Christmas decorating along with a few totes in which to store them and a few other things that needed to be taken out of the cardboard boxes in which they have been stored for the past 4 years.

In keeping with my minimalist lifestyle, my Christmas decorations did not quite fill up one tote, so I have several left over for other things! I think it will take several decades for my garage to look like Zoey's storage area. "-)

I stepped outside to get a look at the beautiful snow we had yesterday and I while I love the snow, I couldn't help but look longingly at the two Adirondack chairs in the yard and remember the wonderful summer afternoons lounging after a hard day's work in the garden. Sigh.


Sandra said...

We have those same Adirondack chairs on our deck where DH and I have spent many breaks from our home business. *Sigh* Longing for the time when I can get out and enjoy 'working' in our flower beds. ;o)

Mary said...

You have that view from your office? I am jealous! We packed up every trace of Christmas this weekend and now we are back to normal. After two days of steady rain, the sun came through this afternoon and I'm longing for the longer days and iced tea in the loungers! Happy New Year!

Zoey said...

What a great view from your office!

I've seen other people who can fit all of their decorations in two of those bins. You might be the only one I know who can fit it all in one! LOL. I bet you aren't all that tired after undecorating. There's a lot to be said for a "one bin" Christmas.

Kerri said...

You have such a wonderful view. Is that your house on the water in the post below?
I really sympathize with the long waits with dial up. We did it for almost 6 years.
I'm actually wishing for a little snow. Never thought I'd say that!