Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good Guys!
Since it's impossible to reach our compost bin because of the snow, we throw scraps out to the crows every day. These guys do a great job of cleaning up anything we toss to them. They are the best scavengers and show up twice a day to see if there's anything on the "buffet". It's getting so I can call them and they come flying in.

They're also great "watch dogs". They make a huge ruckus whenever they spy the fox in the yard.

Our steep driveway, fondly referred to as "The Luge" has been particularly slippery this year with all the snow so we've had to have it sanded several times already. It's now looking pretty bad. It's difficult to tell from the photo, but those side walls are about three feet high!

The really ugly part of the door yard right now is the nearly 7 foot high wall of nasty, dirty snow plowed up against the front of the house.

As cold as it has been, I imagine we will still be seeing this pile in June!

On the positive side, the garden has had plenty of insulation this year and the spring and summer show of flowers should be spectacular!

Life is good

Hugs, Giddy


Naturegirl said...

Giddy now that I'm in the southwest..New Mexico the snow world seems so far away and long gone for me!I can appreciate now bloggers who don't experience snow and look at snow posts and shiver..Brrrr!.I am happy to meet a kindred spirit one who serves buffets to our winter birds!
BTW..this is second yr. travelling w/ the cats by car. We have a separate CRATE for each and place in the back of SUV cover with light blankets or towels to make a cave like enviroment and they are just find travelling! Of course the crate lined with wooly padding for home comfort. When we gas up or stop for meals..we open the door and allow the cats to look out a bit and get a view of us.NEVER OPEN in casr they run!!!!
I will do a posting for you..but not immediately..ok. purr-Zzzz NG and feline family!
Your black beauty looks like my two!! =^'^=

jenn said...

Great idea to toss the scraps to the crows! I usually abandon my compost pile in the winter because of snow, but I think I'll try putting the scraps out tonight instead.

Giddy said...

Naturegirl, thanks for the information. Looks like you've got a few of us wanting travel information with our cats.

Jenn, between the crows and the little fox who lives on our property somewhere, we can throw all scraps out and by the next day, everything is gone - bones and all! A very efficient way to "recycle"!

Kerri said...

When we can't reach the compost bin the scraps are thrown on the veggie garden, on top of the snow. There are plenty of hungry little critters who get them either way. Your crows must love you.
Your "luge" would be great for sledding! :)
I have Bangor on my weather page as one of my saved locations so I can check out your temps each day. It shows a low of 3ºF for you tonight. Ours is 8ºF which is bad enough! Spring was most definitely NOT in the air today!
Stay as warm as you can, Giddy! The piles will melt...eventually.

Zoey said...

Hi Giddy,
You and H have the best meals! Homemade buger buns-they look beautiful. I bet a burger on that bun is simply out of this world.

The biscotti looks good, too.I still have leftover candied ginger, so I am off to check out the recipe.

I hope spring comes soon (to both os us!)