Monday, February 09, 2009

And on it Drags!

Winter, that is. We had one glorious day yesterday. The temperature got all the way up to 47 degrees and the sound of melting snow was music to the ears! For the first time in weeks, we went outside without jackets on and soaked up the warm sunshine and natural vitamin D.

Unfortunately, this respite from freezing temperatures was all too brief, and today, we are back in the deep freeze. H and I have been pretty good about maintaining a good exercise schedule, and since it's too cold and icy to walk outside, we spend 30 minutes most days on the exercise bike or the nordic track and several days a week doing our yoga. We miss the fresh air though, that comes with a brisk walk outside.

The day before yesterday, we had sea smoke on the bay.....

and yesterday, we had record breaking warm temperatures. The sky had an eerie glow and looked for all the world like we might expect a thunderstorm!

Sluggo hunkers down in his basket for several naps a day....

I'm almost finished with my cardigan. I just have to sew on the band with button holes and then sew on buttons. I tried to get an updated picture of my project, but it seemed that Spike thought I was knitting it for his comfort!

In our attempt to keep from putting on those "winter" pounds, H and I try to eat healthfully. Our meal of spinach stuffed meatloaf, steamed veggies and a baked sweet potato really hit the spot the other day.

Another one of our favorites is one we had frequently while stationed in the Azores - Caldo Verde, which is just a soup of kale, onions, garlic, potatoes, and andouille sausage. Just the thing for a cold winter's day.

I was rummaging through my photos this morning and found this one of a visit with my eldest son in Florida. Gee, a day at the beach sounds pretty good right about now!

Life is Good,

Hugs, Giddy


glbuzz said...

Spring will be here before we know it! Loved the Florida picture. Hubby and I will be heading down in March for a month. Maybe we will be lucky and mud season will be over by the time we return. :-)

Giddy said...

H and I have spent every winter here so far. However, the older we get, the more a month or two in Florida appeals to us. Since our other son and grandkids are moving back to Fl soon, it just seems to make sense in years to come. Guess we'd better begin budgeting now!

Kerri said...

Saturday was our glorious day and we had quite a bit of snow melt, but there's still plenty of the white stuff on the ground. The temps have stayed fairly mild since, but chilly winds have kept us mostly inside.
A day at the beach sounds like heaven! :)
Your view is a picture postcard, and that sky is unbelievably beautiful.
Sluggo knows how to relax :)
I think Spike would look great in that lovely cardigan!
Yummy meal ideas, Giddy. Your food photos always make me hungry.
Now I need to go and exercise more than my brain and fingers.... :)

glbuzz said...

We went to FL for the first time last winter for ten days and it was a welcome respite from all that snow that we had. We decided to drive down this time, visit our son and his wife in DC on the way and my mom in PA on the way back. We decided that we will probably be gone for about a month unless we get bored. It's a good way to shorten these long winters.

Zoey said...

MMMmmm that green soup looks good!

WE have also had that warm weather. It got to 54 one day this week. Today it's raining so the snow is melting fast. It probably won't last, but it's been nice while it did.

Anonymous said...

I thougt we had gotten a lot of snow until I looked at your photos! Our's is going fast, just in the last week. We are due to have some more Wednesday night, but that it all accuWeather shows for the next 15 days.

Beautiful sweater!