Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Veggie Garden

Sometimes, I'm not too bright. It has suddenly occurred to me that I've been blogging about my garden and have totally neglected to feature the veggie part of it.

With the price of food spiraling out of control, much like gas these days, I decided to increase the veggies in the garden. Heretofore, I had only planted a few tomatoes, some zucchini, and green beans in amongst my herbs. This year, I increased the size of the perennial bed and have planted a few new things.

This is the original herb garden behind the house. The lettuce in front has provided us with many nice salads so far.

I put in a couple of jalapeno peppers for H. He dearly loves anything hot. I also planted one green pepper. I have not had much luck with peppers in the past, but I'll try to coddle them a bit more this year.
The yellow squash seems to be taking off. And this marjoram has gotten totally out of hand. I'll be thinning it out this week.

The tomatoes are making good growth and have blossoms on them. I purchased 5 different ones and a friend gave me one of his grape tomato seedlings. I love munching on them while I'm working in the garden.

I dug out rocks for weeks to make this little bed. Filled with lots of composted manure, I hope the cabbage and basil will like it. The pole beans are in the bed next to it.

I expanded the perennial bed in the flower garden and interplanted veggies there, as well. The red cabbage is adding a bit of color. I also have yellow squash and zukes and Red Russian Kale planted.
The kale seedlings need transplanting

Sluggo, of course, is no help at all. He has co opted the top of my recliner as his favorite napping spot.
I know you shouldn't let your herbs bloom, but the bees dearly love this sage

This afternoon, the boys were kept busy watching squirrels and chipmunks coming up on the deck in search of the peanuts I had thrown out for them. The "kitty show" keeps them busy for hours on end.

Life is good,

Hugs, Giddy


Kerri said...

I hardly ever seem to get around to posting about the veggie garden either. Ross has been working hard and has ours looking good, although it's much too big, as usual. :)
You've done a wonderful job and have quite the picturesque veggie garden there Ms. Giddy.
Sluggo would probably be glad to help fertilize that garden for you if you just gave him a chance :)
But I can see he and his buddy, Spike have pretty full schedules :)

Zoey said...

It's so cute how the boys just sit by the door waiting for the action.

I like your unconventional veggie garden. It's nice to see the veggies interplanted into the landscape.

I keep telling my hubby that we should plant vegetables, too. I always think of it when there is a food poisoning scare.

Anonymous said...

I knew that your vegetable garden would be pretty, even before the photos came up! The way you have the beds set up is nice. Everything doesn't need weeded at once.

I hope we get some warmth and sun here soon. My plants haven't done a lot since I put them in.

Giddy said...

Kerri, I would love to see a post about your veggie garden. Of course, it would have to include a photo of Ross!

Zoey, with all the salmonella scares lately, it probably wouldn't hurt to plant a few 'maters!

Sandy, thanks for the compliment, and like you, I sure would like to see the sun again. I'd better get busy weeding, or when it does eventually shine, the garden will look like a jungle.