Sunday, June 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Here's what's blooming in Giddy's garden today

The pink Double Knockout rose is new this year and is doing very well

May Night Salvia is just waiting for the New Dawn Rose to bloom

The red begonia in the hanging basket on the porch really brightens a shady spot

We finally got the four cords of wood stacked in various racks around the door yard

And a couple more next to the garage

The Oriental Poppies are just about to pop

The cobalt blue of the Siberian Iris shouts in the garden

Geranium Sanguineum has reseeded all over!

Clematis "Firecracker" is the star of the garden

Zonal Geranium "Tango" really pops in the fence planter. White verbena and silver artemesia set it off.

Since it's election year, I planned on a red, white and blue palette for the garage planters

I'm on my second wheelbarrow, and as any good gardener knows, we don't throw anything away. This one turned into a nifty planter.

I purchased this Japanese Maple on sale from Home Depot last year. It was a pathetic little thing, and this past winter's snow literally bent it over backwards, but the little fella came back gangbusters and is now a beautiful specimen.

Miss Kim lilac is just beginning her beautiful show and the scent is heavenly!

And speaking of heavenly scents, this is today's loaf of bread.

Life is good,

Hugs, Giddy


Judy said...

Hi from Kentucky. I was blog hopping and stopped to admire your beautiful flowers. They are so pretty. When I saw all the woodpiles I thought someone in your family must have froze to death for anyone to have that much wood cut. Then, I saw you lived in Maine. I enjoyed your blog.

Jane Marie said...

Your bread is what interested me today. I'm hungry right now anyway, but I love homemade fresh bread. I can almost smell it.

Giddy said...

Hi Judy, we are actually Kentucky refugees, living up here away from the heat and humidity. We lived in Louisville for years, but have always loved Maine and took the plunge 6 years ago and moved up here. Best decision we ever made!

Jane Marie, that loaf won't last long around here, and you can bet the house smelled wonderful!

Anonymous said...

That bread looks just perfect. And, I know it smells great. Your loaves always are shaped so beautifully. Mine sometimes blow out on the sides.

Pretty flowers, and so much blooming!

daisy said...

Beautiful flowers...I can almost feel the fresh air. My Miss Kims are in full bloom, too. Maybe we're in the same zone...I'm in a 4/5. And my poppies started blooming two days ago.

Have you read the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes cookbook yet? I've tried the's delicious!

And your Spike and Sluggo are adorable. I bet they can cause some trouble when they want to...I know my cats sure can.

Giddy said...

Sandy and Daisy,

I purchased the "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day" book and was hooked on the very first try. I've since tried many of the recipes and they always turn out great! It's been a long time since I've purchased store bought bread.

Daisy, we are in zone 5 on the coast of Maine. And yes, the cats do get into their fair share of trouble. Gotta love 'em cause they make me smile every single day!

Kerri said...

This is the third or fourth time I've seen the knockout rose on June Bloom Day posts. She's a popular lady...and no wonder...she's gorgeous!
Don't you love the tuberous begonias?
My Oriental Poppies are just about finished..I guess they're a couple of weeks ahead of yours.
I have the same Siberian Iris and love that color! Yes, it really pops!
Your lilac is so full of blooms and looks gorgeous. Ours apparently got zapped by a couple of late hard frosts and the blossoms didn't open properly. It was a poor lilac year for us, but others in the area bloomed beautifully.
Everything looks wonderful Giddy. I love the 'Firecracker'. She's a beauty! Isn't it wonderful to be out working in the gardens again?
Oh, there you go teasing me with that fantastic homemade bread again. Now I'm starving, thank you very much!

Carol said...

Giddy's garden has lots of beautiful flowers. Life is good. What more do you need? Beautiful flowers, a veggie garden, wood for the fire and freshly baked bread!

Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens