Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tidying Up

Yesterday was a yard clean up day. We've had rain for most of the week and I was unable to get out to mow what little lawn we have so it was beginning to look like a mini hay field.

While waiting for the grass to dry out a bit, I decided to launch in to weeding the front planting beds. Everything has gotten really lush with all the fog and rain, including the trees, which desperately needed limbing up.

Here is the "before" shot

The after shot is a bit difficult to see that I had limbed up the small birch tree and the willow tree. I ran out of black mulch so will have to get more on my next trip in to town.

It's always a day of celebration when the Oriental poppies bloom! The camera just cannot capture the absolute fluorescence of these beauties.

This is Mother Nature in all her glory. The vivid reddish orange and bright purple are just stunning. Sadly, they will only last for a few short days, leaving us anticipating their return next spring.

Not to be outdone, perhaps not in vibrant color, but the heady scent of Miss Kim lilac in full bloom keeps me wandering to the other side of the house just to close my eyes and breathe deeply. She is another of my spring favorites, bringing me fond memories of my Grandmother, whose apartment building in Germany was surrounded by huge lilacs.

The rain and fog of the past week have created ideal conditions for the planting bed by the front porch. The hostas have grown so much that one can no longer see the beautiful Japanese Painted Ferns behind them. Guess it's time to do a bit of dividing!

This spring we seem to have attracted lots of Eastern Phoebes. They can be heard singing in the trees, their song announcing their name to the world: Feebee, feebee.

We have one nesting under our deck. She built her nest on a tool that I use to hack stubborn weeds. I caught this photo just in time as it looks like the nestlings are just about ready to fledge. What a cute family Ms. Phoebe has.

And speaking of cute families, here's a photo of my favorite boys.

Life is Good!




Anonymous said...

Looking good! I ran out yesteday to do some tidying up, too. That was early, before the storms started.

Do you find that it is hard to get red flowers to come out right? I have red poppies growing in the grass behind the garden, and have not really gotten a good shot of one this year.

Great looking men you have there. Your sons look a lot alike.

Zoey said...

That mulch sure perks everything up. Is that salvia in the wheelbarrow?
The hostas look great. You will get a lot of new plants when you divide them.

Giddy said...

Hi Sandy, yes I just cannot get the vibrant reds to photograph true. Thanks for the nice comment about the boys. They are both great young men, despite a few too many tatoos!

Hi Zoey, yep, those are salvia. I seem to be stuck in a red mode this year!

Sandra said...

I will be giving away seeds to these "Hairy Allium" plants for SASE; only have 10 pkgs. so 1st come 1st served. Pic can be seen at my website:
I could not find an email, so I am posting here. If you think this needs to be deleted, I understand. We offer is for you.

Jason said...

My goodness.......those are some handsome fellas, indeed ;-P

TOO many tattoos? Hmmmmmmmm....

I did finally figure out how to get hostas to thrive (okay, in a manner, that is) in zone 9+++, so if you *do* end up with some divisions.........


Kerri said...

I'm a bit late commenting on this post, but better late than never :) It's a great feeling to get a bed finished, isn't it? I'm working my way from bed to bed...and my back is complaining about it!
Red is a hard color to photgraph! Try underexposing a little and see if that helps.
I love the Miss Kim lilac...she's gorgeous! Our lilacs did very poorly this year. They got frosted. Great shot of the baby Phoebes. I watched one catch an insect the other day, and managed to get a picture of it with the insect in its beak.
You have a handsome bunch of men there :)