Sunday, March 07, 2010

Trip to Myakka State Park

Yesterday, my son, Brian, his wife Amy, my grandson, Ashton and granddaughter, Kaiya took me out to visit Myakka State Park.

We had a lovely time beginning with a picnic surrounded by a murder of crows who sat waiting expectantly for bits of sandwich to drop from the table. Needless to say, Ashton and Kaiya were quite accommodating, despite being warned not to feed the wildlife.

While on the nature walk, we spied lots of birds and other wildlife, but we were surprised to see this wild hog rooting around a bog.

Seven year old Ashton was very interested in the holes in the trees made by Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers.......

....and the different algae and lichen we found.

Some of the fungi looked familiar. I recall seeing lots of these in Maine.

Five year old Kaiya liked running along the path and sitting in trees while having her picture taken.

Ashton managed to get into this shot, as well.

And what's a nature walk in Florida without seeing a few alligators? We were not disappointed.

These fellas were HUGE! I couldn't believe there were people kayaking in the vicinity.

All in all, we had quite a lovely day with lots of exciting things to see and talk about.

Thank you, Brian and Amy for including me in your Saturday adventure.

Life is Good.

Hugs, Grandma Giddy


Anonymous said...

Good looking family, Giddy. Wow, that is some different than here, isn't it?
Keep the photos coming.

We are having a wonderful sunny weekend up here. Yesterday, the temperature got up to near 60, and it may be warmer today.

Kerri said...

Lovely to see your family, Giddy, and glad you had a nice outing. Aren't grandchildren fun? :) Love those sweet smiles.
Goodness, wild pigs and alligators! Doesn't sound like Maine! I hope there was a barrier between you and those scary critters.
Like Sandy, we're having a beautiful sunny day with temps near 60. There's a cold wind blowing but it's still gorgeous out there. A nice foretaste of spring!
Enjoy those grandkids and your family :)
Hugs xox

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

how fun!


Giddy said...

Sandy, I'm counting the days til I get back to my Maine!

Kerri, yes, the grandkids are fun, but can be quite exhausting. I'm happy that I have my own place to come back and relax after a busy day.