Monday, June 08, 2009

Giddy's Big Florida Adventure

The trip began with a last respite at the Portland Jetport before heading into the eye of the hurricane known as "The Grandkids"! We were so looking forward to seeing everyone and the anticipation was high as we lifted off for warmer climes.

Of course, we hit the beaches first thing and it was good that we did as the heat was just about to do us "Mainahs" in.

The Divine Ms. Kaiya happily dug in the sand and helped dig moats around the sand castle we built.

Master Ashton helped find shells after we got out of the water because Gramma was pooped. The waves were coming ashore pretty fast and I took more than one tumble. But hey, one pays pretty good money for exfoliation at spas and the sand did a nice job on my skin!

Grampa sat quietly with Ms. Kaiya and made sand creatures.

Youngest Son, Brian and Dad got to spend quality time, deep in conversation.

After the beach, we headed back to the house for some delicious smoked barbecue with baked beans and potato salad, compliments of Brian and Amy and then launched into the "project" which Gramma had planned for the kids.

We purchased terra cotta pots, paints, potting soil and flowers at the store and then Ashton and Kaiya each painted thier pots (and themselves!).

One would think that by then, the kids would have been worn out. But NOoooooo! There was more in store for Gramma and Grampa. Gramps showed off his artistic bent by coloring with the kids and Gramma danced the afternoon away when Ashton held out his hand and asked "Would you like to dance"? Kaiya joined in for a really fun Conga Line! What a hoot!

After dragging ourselves out of bed, every bone in the body creaking and complaining, we headed up north to see Eldest Son, Jason and his girlfriend, Sabrina.

After yet another delicious meal of smoked salmon, smoked pork tenderloin, coleslaw, salad, yellow rice and black beans and other yummy side dishes, we headed back to our hotel and crashed in preparation for another day.

The next day, we enjoyed another day at the beach with Jason and Sabrina's son, Noah.

Jason entertained us with a few tunes, none of which we recognized, but then he probably didn't know any tunes from our era! He's a fine musician, however, whatever generation he's playing.

Today, we head back to Tampa for an early morning flight back to Maine and gratefully, cooler weather! While Florida is nice and we certainly enjoyed getting to see the kids and grandkids, the heat here is brutal and we look forward to firing up the wood stove if the evening cools off at home!

Life is Good!

Hugs, Giddy


Zoey said...

How nice that you got to see your boys and the grands.

I know what you mean, though, about Florida heat. I spent a couple of years in Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood and I could not wait to get back to the great north.

Today it's a rather miserable 48 degrees and rain. I would still take that over hot and muggy. I hate to sweat!

Hope your Maine weather is better.

glbuzz said...

Giddy girl, this is SO not the time to be going to Florida! February or March renews the spirit after all the snow we get up here but summer down there is just too darned hot.

Your family is beautiful and I am sure that you are coming back with a renewed spirit in spite of the heat down there.

Glad that you enjoyed the trip. Enjoy our cooler weather but not sure if it will ever be warm here in Maine. What a cool spring we have had.

Giddy said...

Yep, we enjoy the cooler weather much more and I will take your advice and only plan our trips south from Jan - Mar.

My kids know there is absolutely no danger of their parents ever coming to live with them!! "-)