Thursday, May 14, 2009

And You Wonder......

why I can't move today?

Yesterday, H and I went to the local soil guy and had our truck bed filled with lovely compost to sprinkle on the garden. It was about a yard and a half and took me most of the day to unload it.

This is a spot on the side of the house where I'll be planting some Collard Greens and pickling cucumbers. It's in the shade in early morning, but gets lots of good sun in the afternoon.

I put lots of compost on the daylily bed up the hill.......

and on the side of the house where I transplanted some of the hostas that had outgrown their spot in front of the house. This is next to the spot where we found the septic clean out.

Next year, I'm hoping H will put faux rocks on the foundation! I made the rock sidewalk out of the rocks that ended up on the backside of the house when they blasted the ledge for the foundation. I have a LOT of rocks!

My good friend, Nancy, gave me this beautiful wheelbarrow and I have all my overwintered geraniums sitting in it soaking up sun before I transplant them to various pots on the deck.

The whole front of the house is blooming in PJM rhododendrons. I sure wish they would bloom all summer long, but I guess we just have to enjoy them while they are here!

Today is quite windy outside, so I'm taking this opportunity to stay inside and try to heal my poor aching shoulder and hands. They took quite the beating from shoveling all that compost!

Life is Good!

Hugs, Giddy


GardenJoy4Me said...

Giddy girl ... you live in such a beautiful area, if I was there I would never leave (so don't make the mistake of inviting me ? LOL)
I love the rock path and yes it would look great with the fountain ! .. our home was blasted out of rock as well .. the deck guys found some amazing BIG rocks to get out of the way for the deck footers .. I have a nice big one to put some where as a focal point.
No wonder you need a day off after all of that work girl .. you could bench press me (and I ain't little ! haha) .. there is such satisfaction though, when we get the big chores of the season done .. I have a long list for tomorrow myself ... yikes !
great post with perfect pictures : )

Avis said...

Great job on the rock sidewalk! And your tuxedo cat reminds me of my friend's. I'll check back in to see how your garden unfolds over the season. Happy blogging!

Stan Gibbs said...

Just wanted to know if you would be open to selling advertising on your blog to related gardening sites. If yes, please get in touch with me as I would be interested in buying an ad. I could not find an email address on your blog which is why I am commenting here. Please feel free to delete this comment. Thank you!

Giddy said...

Ah, Joy, now is the time when we are perpetually aching and tired, but oh so happy!

Avis, thanks for stopping by. I'll look forward to more visits from you.

Stan, I created my blog as a way to keep in touch with my family and friends. Everyone is welcome to stop by, but I'm not really interested in any commercials.

Anonymous said...

The work is worth it, Giddy. Your place looks wonderful. I like that wheelbarrow, too. Is it really old, or does it just look that way?

It was only 38ยบ when I got up this morning at 5:30. Did you get this blast of cold air?

One more question-- do you see lots of smaller shore birds around Schoodic Point? My husband thinks he remembers seeing a lot of birds there, a long time ago.

Kerri said...

That's a good day's work, Giddy. No wonder you were sore! I have 4 big buckets of compost waiting to be worked into the new rock garden today. It's not a truckload (thank heavens!), but it'll be a nice bit of exercise for my creaky joints and weakened muscles. Our son and DIL have those PJM rhodies and they look so pretty. Yours are beautiful! The wheelbarrow is a perfect temporary container for the geraniums. Mine are slowly being acclimated to the outdoors now too.
Spring is overwhelmingly busy, but isn't it wonderful to be working in the garden again? This has been the best year ever that I can remember for lilacs. They've been wonderful!
Seems like it's always windy here!
Happy gardening, Giddy!

Giddy said...

Hi, Sandy,

Glad to hear from you again! I've been checking your new journal but haven't had time to blog, much less comment on my faves.

The wheelbarrow isn't antique, but the wheel may well be.

We had that blast of cold air, too. Gratefully, it did not bring any frost with it.

Hi, Kerri,

Good to hear from you, as well. Yes, spring is such a flurry of things to do and so little time to get them all done. Right now, we need some rain, which should be forth coming tomorrow!