Thursday, May 15, 2008

Giddy's Back!

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, but between a trip south to see Mom and Dad in Kentucky and then on to Nashville to see our younger son and his family, and trying to get the garden into some semblance of order, it's been a whirlwind existence for the past few weeks.

It was great to see Mom and Dad and we had a pleasant visit with them.

H was able to get together with all his friends at the Bluegrass Brewing Company. Twelve years ago, he had painted all of them in racing colors and for years the painting has hung in the BBC. This picture is all of them together again at the pub.

Our family loves to cook, so I had purchased little chef sets for Ashton and Kaiya, complete with hats, aprons and their very own rolling pins. What better thing to bake than free form apple pies!

They were quite proud of their efforts and the pies tasted really good with vanilla ice cream.

The next day, we went for a walk around the lake in a local park. We saw several deer and little Kaiya had to stop and look at every bug on the ground.

Ashton was looking for turkeys so we could take it home and eat it! Gratefully, we didn't see any.

When we returned home, Spike decided that the half emptied suitcase made a great napping spot.Today is also Garden Bloggers Bloom Day so I've been out in the garden taking photos of things blooming up here. The leaves on the trees are finally out and it's really beginning to look a lot like spring. We've had wonderful, sunny and warm weather so it's been a joy to be outside digging in the garden despite the annual onslaught of black flies. They generally bother us from Mother's Day to Father's Day, so during that time we slather ourselves with Deet and don our head nets when outdoors. We don't have much in bloom right now, but here are the highlights:

The daffs didn't bloom much this year, much to my disappointment

However, the primroses are putting on a spectacular display!

Creeping Phlox shines in the bright sunlight

Bleeding heart

PJM Rhododendron

It suddenly occurs to me that I have an awful lot of pink in the garden! That's ok, 'cause I like pink.

Life is good in the garden
Hugs, Giddy


LauraO said...

Hi Giddy, your pink garden looks lovely. Kentucky? I have a place near Burnside - heading there in June for a while. Missed those pink redbuds this year.

Zoey said...

It's good to have you back. It looks like you had some fun family time. It looks like the kids had fun with the baking equipment.

My flowers just began to bloom this week. You and I are in colder climates and everyone is way ahead of us! Have you planted any annuals yet? I am waiting at least another week.

What a neat pic H painted of his friends. He's a very talented guy!

Blogger was making some upgrades the past few weeks....very frustrating, but I do like the ability to date posts for the future that we can do now. I haven't used it yet, but I can see going away for a few days and having posts all set to publish each day I am away. For me that upgrade was worth a couple days of frustration.

I hope you have a good weekend.

Kerri said...

It's fun to see your family photos, Giddy. Those little grandkids are cuties :) Isn't it wonderful to spend some time with them...and the big people too, of course!
H is very talented! I like his painting.
I'd sure like a piece of those free form apple pies. I'll bet the kids loved making those.
Your blooms are bright and cheery. Pink is good! I seem to have plenty of it too :) You might say we're 'in the pink', and yes, life is good!

Giddy said...

Hi Laurao, we saw a few redbuds on our trip south, but they were pretty much bloomed out. I guess we should have gone a few weeks earlier.

Zoey, I just purchased a few annuals yesterday, but am leery of planting them before the end of the month. Seems like we always have one last frost before summer decides to stay.
I think I'll stick with Blogger after all. Just don't have the time to mess with something new right now.

Kerri, I just love pinks, purples and yellows, but I did buy a delphinium and bright red geraniums yesterday. Gotta get out of my comfort zone!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Your grandkids are sweet, and how is it that your parents look so darn young??
Tell H that his painting is amazing. Has he ever painted you?
I have phlox blooming, too, and just a few flies so far.

Terra Hangen said...

Welcome back Giddy, and thanks for sharing photos and tales of your family and your garden. Wonderful painting of H and his friends.
I still love my blogger account. Let us know what you decide about your blog host.

Zoey said...

Yahoooooooo, Giddy, where are youuuu?

You must be really busy planting and weeding and doing all those spring garden chores.

I bet it's all looking great, too.