Friday, July 17, 2009

Thuya Again

Last Tuesday, the sun was shining again, so we headed back over to Mount Desert Island to revisit Thuya Garden. We had been there four weeks ago and due to having substantial rainfall in June, and the lack of sun all month, not much had been blooming at the time.

This time, after a bit of warmth and sun, there were more blooms, but still not as much as should have been by mid July. The trip, however, is always fun and we enjoyed the quiet, peaceful stroll through the garden.

The path up to the garden at the top of the hill looks quite steep, but the pink granite steps make the climb much easier as it winds it's way to the top. In many spots, the granite cliffs give one a feeling of being in an ancient stone cathedral......

and the view from the top is nothing short of spectacular looking down on Northeast Harbor.

The garden itself is full of beauty and whimsy among the more formal parts. This old cedar tree had literally split this huge boulder before it finally succumbed to old age and had to be cut down.

Many of the Dahlia varieties were beginning to bloom, but this pretty one caught my eye.

I took a shot of this rustic bench so H could build one for our garden. How difficult can that be???

The Delphinium were having a contest with the sky to see who could be the bluest!

And the ferns were winning their own contest with the other verdant greens of the garden.

This little Blue Orchard Bee house (BOB), reminded us that we still had to finish our BOBs.

After a lovely time winding throughout the garden, we headed back down the hill and moseyed on over to Little Long Pond for a picnic beside the quiet water of the pond.

And so ended another wonderful day in our little corner of the world.

Life is Very Good!

Hugs, Giddy


Innkeeper Seely said...

Very relaxing, thank you

Zoey said...

What a great way to spend an afternoon.

Love that tree splitting the huge bolder!

I bet you will have that bench made by the weekend. It looks like a good sturdy one for the garden.

Kerri said...

That last photo is so beautiful. What a view. Awe inspiring!
Glad you had such a wonderful day. That dahlia is glorious, and so is your beautiful pink one. Do you winter yours over in the Maine??

Giddy said...

Thanks, Seely. There is life after innkeeping and it's pretty sweet!

Zoey, I'm still waiting for the bench!

Kerri, yes I do over winter my dahlias. After the first frost, I dig up the corms, put them in a paper grocery bag and store them in my unheated basement. In the spring, I pot them back up and away they go.