Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Back!

The past three weeks have just flown by with way too much to do. We headed south to visit with my Mom and Dad and while we were there, H and I cooked up a storm for them. By the time all the slicing and dicing was said and done, we had about 75 meals cooked, individually packaged and squirreled away in their freezer.

H made a big batch of his yummy Chicken, Smoked Sausage and Shrimp Gumbo and a double batch of 15 Bean Soup.....

while I made Chicken Parmesan, Cube Steaks with Mushrooms and Gravy, a big pan of cornbread to go with the soup, and together, we made Chicken and vegetable stir fry and egg rolls.
We think Mom and Daddy were pleased.

It was a fun visit with them and we look forward to another one soon.

In the meantime, when we returned home, the weather had turned to springlike warmth and it was time to get out in the garden and get things cleaned up. To that end, we spent the next few days cutting back perennials, getting the deck furniture unwrapped, brought the deck fountain up, but didn't get it going yet, but did open up the pond. Gunther Gnome is holding up the water fall tube until I can figure out a new configuration for the water flow.

I transplanted the poor Japanese Maple that had been bent to the ground for the past two years from the snow plow. I think it will be much happier planted next to the pond.

Now what do the above potato, carrot and broken light bulb have to do with each other, you ask?

When I tried to use the oven, I discovered the appliance light inside had burned out and as I tried to unscrew it, it broke off. I attempted to use the time tested method of using a raw potato to retrieve the broken part but it didn't work. So, instead, I used the end of a carrot, which worked infinitely better! Just another little hint for the time you need to retrieve a stuck bulb.

The boys, of course, were not pleased that we had left them for a few days, but they were well cared for by our friends who looked in on them frequently. We got a few dirty looks from them, but they eventually came around to loving us again.

Spike just glared at us for a few minutes...........

while Sluggo just regally ignored us for a while.

I don't often air my Libertarian leanings, but unable to attend any Tea Parties on Tax Day, I protested by hanging a tea bag from the pocket of my shirt and emailing my representatives in Congress. I may be one lone voice in the wilderness, but each voice, like each vote counts!

And so, dear ones, as the sun sets on another day on the beautiful, rocky coast of Maine, I look forward to dragging myself back out to the garden tomorrow for yet another round of pulling weeds, turning soil and breathing deeply of the fresh spring air.

Life is Good!

Hugs, Giddy


Zoey said...

I missed you while you were gone. So glad to have you back in blogville.

That’s a lot of cooking! Did you and H ever run a restaurant? You both seem so at ease with big batch cooking.

I spent quite some time looking over that carrot, light bulb and potato trying to figure out just what you were doing. I thought perhaps the potato was going to be used to paint something….seems I have seen potatoes used like that. I would have never guessed the true use!

Hanging the tea bag from your shirt—you crack me up, Giddy! I am still laughing.

WiseAcre said...

Glad you had a good trip and returned home before the boys tore up the place. Spike does have a put off look but I'm afraid Sluggo will always look like a 'nut job'.

Aw, I was going to say a potato, carrot and burnt out light bulb are all brighter than a politician.

Giddy said...

Hi Zoey, yep, H and I owned a B&B in Louisville once upon a time and we did lots of "big" cooking.

Mr. WA, I could not agree with your more about the politicians!

Kerri said...

I read this post way back when, but apparently fell into a zombie-like state before I had a chance to comment. I'm like that lately at night :) Or perhaps it was during the morning and I got distracted by something...happens all the time.
Anyway, you sure cooked up a storm, and I'm sure your parents were much appreciative. Glad you had a nice visit with them.
I'm chuckling about WA's answer to your puzzle :) What a great hint. You're such a clever girl, Giddy!
I hope those boys didn't invite all their friends over for parties while you were gone.
I wish I'd thought of the 'tea bag in the pocket' idea. It's a good one :)
Each voice does count..indeed! Good job, Giddy!