Saturday, November 22, 2008

First Snow!

Last evening, we had another beautiful sunset that gave the house a warm, rosy glow.

The whole house was bathed in the last golden rays of the evening sun


This morning, we awoke to snow! We were not expecting any here on the coast so it was a bit of a surprise. (although, I learned years ago not to be surprised by weather, having lived with Mr. Meteorologist for over four decades!)

It was a light, feathery blowing snow, heralding the advent of the winter season, just a wee bit early for my taste, but it is lovely. By the time it ended, we had over an inch.

The porch pumpkin had a snow toupee this morning!

And I guess it will be time to replace the autumn door wreath pretty soon!

Oh well, not to worry, there's plenty of wine in the cellar, a few scented candles glowing and a toasty heat coming from the wood stove.

Life is Good and Warm!

Hugs, Giddy


GardenJoy4Me said...

Giddy .. I am a twilight" person even though I have been snapping sunrises like crazy .. the sun sets in a very crowded location.
I absolutely love those pictures of the rosy glow in your home . they are beautiful .. and they do convey that feeling of warmth .. outstanding job girl !
The snow thing .. well, sooner or later you gotta' know we are going to be dumped on anyways ? LOL

Giddy said...

Joy, I can't get good sunrise photos as I have tall trees to the east, but an unobstructed view to the south and west. And yes, we are gonna get dumped on sooner than later. I just hope not as much as last year!

Kerri said...

That sure is a beautiful, warm, rosy glow, and you caught it well.
We don't get a good view of the sunrise either, but we do see some pretty sunsets. Not as spectacular as yours though.
The first snow in particular is always a beautiful sight, isn't it? It's too bad we have to endure the cold that comes with it.
Warmth, wine and candles are all good!! :)