Sunday, August 27, 2006


Whilst wandering through the garden yesterday, I couldn't help but remember how it looked in early 2004 when it was just brand new. We had finished the fence in 2003 and I had begun digging the perennial beds around the inside perimeter, which is actually our septic leach field! Since our property is heavily wooded and has lots of granite ledge, there is precious little land on which to garden and the leach field was full of rocky sand. However, with the addition of lots of composted manure, topsoil and sweat equity, we have managed to eke out a fairly decent bit of color. Our only restriction is that we cannot plant any trees or woody shrubs on the leach field since their roots would eventually burrow into septic system. Annuals and perennials, having shallow root systems seem to be ok.

We also have a small veggie garden in back, but that's a blog for another day.

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Zoey said...

Beautiful! What a difference two years can make (with a lot of hard work, I'm sure)